A Mystical Lush Haul

In the spirit of all things spooky I wanted to pick up a few halloween inspired treats from Lush. I love their bath bombs, they are amazing and smell so good. I keep them in the paper bags they come in and store them in my clothes drawers to keep my clothes smelling fresh.

Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar
I made a beeline straight to this as soon as I walked into the shop. A pink sparkly bubble bath? Yes please! It’s a lovely fresh jasmine scent not too heavy, just the right amount. I think the little pumpkin is so cute. You can pick this up for £4.25.

Twilight Bath Bomb
Infused with calming essential oils, this bath bomb will prepare you for a good nights sleep. As Twilight dissolves it will take your water from a colourful sunset to a darker night’s sky. So excited to try this as it’s packed with Lavendar which I absolutely adore! The smell is devine. You can pick this up for £3.95.

Intergalatic Bath Bomb
I’ve seen photos of this bath bomb on Pinterest and all the pretty colours enticed me in. It’s a refreshing peppermint scent which will turn your bath into a galaxy of colours swirling beneath you. This bath bomb is huge, I’m sure I’ll get a good few uses out of this. You can get it for £4.50.

Skull Shaped Candle
This isn’t from Lush but I thought it was so cute and fitted in with the theme of this haul. It’s a silver skull shaped candle which I thought looked like a nice decor piece for photos and to put on my bookshelf. You can get it from Primark for £1.50.

That’s everything I picked up from Lush this time. Kicking myself I didn’t pick up the pumpkin face bath bomb. I can’t wait to start trying the Christmas goodies soon. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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