Tarte Goddess Glow Highlighter Review


If you read my Post Christmas Sales haul post you would know I picked up this Tarte Goddess Glow Highlighter for the bargain price of £10.50. As it was for the 2017 Christmas season, it is limited edition but it’s still currently on the Tarte Cosmetic website for £29.00 £21.00. This is the first and only thing I’ve ever brought from Tarte as it’s a pain for us to get in the UK and as promised, here’s my review.


Like normal, I will start with the packaging first. It looks pretty festive with a gold case and the green and blue pattern on the front but not enough to feel embarrassed about using it when it’s not December. When I first opened it I was shocked at how big it is, not one I would take on holiday with me. On the back it says net weight of 12g. There’s a decent size mirror too which is very handy for us make-up junkies.


Even though I didn’t want to ruin the lovely imprint, I swiped the highlighter with my finger. True to it’s name, it gave off a lovely golden glow. There was quite a bit of fallout though, particularly where the pattern is. It looks subtle at first but once the light hits, the golden flecks dazzle. I was a bit worried about it not suiting my skin colour, even though the Tarte website claims it’s suitable for everyone.


Once I swatched it on my hand, it didn’t look so chunky and was more understated. It blended with my skin nicely, leaving little specks of gold.


I applied it to my cheek bones with a brush gently to build up the intensity without over doing it. My cheeks gave off a golden radiant glow and shimmered whenever the sun hit. At this time of year especially, my skin can be really pale so I would save this for when I’m more bronzed in the summer. I think the highlighter would look beautiful all year round for people with darker skin tones though. My only negative is I think the powder in the highlight accentuates any imperfections on the skin and my skin is not in the best condition at the moment.


With a setting spray, this highlighter lasted all day. I am very pleased with my purchase and feel so lucky to own such a stunning product. Have you tried this highlighter, or what other Tarte products would you recommend? I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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