How To Improve Your Blog Posts Without Spending Any Money


By no means am I an expert in writing and I’m definitely a novice in terms of blogging. This post is written from the view of someone who loves to read blogs and as a reader, I want to share with you what makes me want to continue reading someone’s blog posts. These are just my ideas on how you can improve your content without having to spend any money.

Communication With Your Readers
Whenever I see comments that the writer hasn’t responded to, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If it’s been less than a day since the comment or it’s a really popular blog, then fair enough. Otherwise, I am put off that blogger slightly for being ignorant. Your readers will keep coming back for more if they feel connected with you.

An Introduction To The Post
I feel welcomed when I read an intro at the start of the post and it’s one of the first impressions of how well written it’ll be and if care has gone into publishing it. I like to know what the post is going to be about and see it as a good chance for the blogger to talk to their reader’s on a personal level.

Signing A Post Off
As well as an introduction, I like a summary of the post and to hear a bit more from the blogger. I always feel a bit weird if the post isn’t signed off and it just abruptly ends. The writer in me feels like the post is unfinished. You could also leave links to similar previous blog posts at the bottom to give your audience other material they might enjoy and increase traffic on your blog.

A Descriptive Review
There is nothing more annoying than reading a review for something and the person doesn’t give any explanations to their opinions. An example “I like this concealer, it’s really good”, I want to know why you like it, are there any bad points? You get the idea. It’s not very helpful to the audience and it comes across as lazy in my opinion. The saying goes “take the extra mile, there’s always less traffic”. Blogs that are useful and helpful will gain more popularity in the long run.

Light Pictures
Not everyone is a skilled photographer (me included) but it’s still quite important for me, as the reader, to be able to clearly see the product. The image is the first impression and could be the difference in people clicking to view your post or not. A simple white background is better than a dimly lit room where the product is barely visible.


Those were just some of the ways you can improve your blog posts without spending any money. If you have any other ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below. I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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