May Reflections & June Goals

This post is a few days later than I had planned as I was so tired travelling back home. Now I’m back and feel more refreshed I want to write my goals for June and reflect on May. We are now well and truly in the sixth month of the year! How did this happen? I’m not ready for this. I feel like my life is on fast forward mode. Each month I write my latest goals seems to come quicker and quicker.

May Reflections

Blog Post Scheduling
I felt like this was going well until I went on holiday. I wanted to make the most of my time whilst I was away and didn’t have time to edit posts. Now I’m back I’m definitely going to be back on it and scheduling posts in advance so I don’t fall behind.

Be More Active On Instagram
My life seems too boring to be so active on Instagram but I know I need to up my game if I want more followers and extra traffic to my blog. I’ve posted a couple photos of my trip to New York but I want to upload more. To follow me on Instagram click here, I follow my fellow bloggers back.

Read & Finish Two Books
Going to sound like such a failure but I didn’t manage to finish either books. I did read more of the story but neither were completed unfortunately.

Declutter My Stuff
Finally a goal I actually accomplished! I decluttered some of my stuff out my room and even wrote a blog post about the samples I wanted to use up which you can read here.

Start Bullet Journalling
Well as I struggled to start one of these for ages due to not knowing how to create the layout, I found one that had all the sections pre-made. You can see it here.

Loose An Inch Off My Waist
Since having a baby I hold any extra weight around my middle and really struggle to tone up my stomach. Thankfully I’ve trimmed off half an inch from my waist. Not the full inch I was hoping for but it’s still progress.

Add To My Savings
Happy to report I’ve added some more to my savings. It makes me feel more secure knowing I’ve got a safety net to fall back on.

Book & Attend Cervical Screening
I’ve booked an appointment for my Cervical Screening Test which is in a couple of weeks so I technically didn’t attend this in May.

Junes Goals

Set up an office area at home
In my room at home I’ve got a desk with a computer on but I’d like to set up more equipment like a printer so I can start doing more work at home. The more organised and tidy the environment, the more efficient I feel.

Create some more stock photos
I have taken some stock photos for my subscribers to use but I want to do more before I give full access to them. I’d also like to start with more free exclusive content for my followers too.

Reach 900 followers on my blog
This is out of my control but I’d like to gain more subscribers this month and hopefully reach 900. Once I get to 1000 I’m going to do another giveaway. Fingers crossed.

Finish the books I’ve been reading 
As I failed to complete the books in May I’m going to try and finish them in June.

Spend more time being technology free
It can be hard these days to put down your phone and be in the moment but I want to spend more time doing activities that don’t involve a phone, tablet or a computer. Being screen free now and then is so good for your mental health.


Those were the things I hope to achieve in June. What are your goals? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading XOXO.


4 thoughts on “May Reflections & June Goals

  1. Awesome that you use your blog to write down your goals!
    I feel like I need to get a pin board and stick mine on so I have something to tick off!
    But first I’ll have to put that on my to do list 😂😘 great post! Xx


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